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Pardon the Interruption

Hey sorry about not posting in like 9 months. School got me busy but now it is summer and I’m ready to get organized again! Saturday June 2nd is the garage sale at Mt. Olive and we will be performing around 12:30 pm. I have the setlist on our gmail account. To do this you sign in to our email( and then click on the word Drive at the top of the browser. This will take you to a list of documents and files and it is under Garage Sale List. The problem is we have too many songs so if you would like to comment on some we should take off, leave it at the bottom of the page in the document. Thanks! -Paul



They’re Here!

We now have praise team shirts! They are green polos that look and feel rather nice. We will be wearing them this Sunday, October 16th, when we have our first contemporary service! We are meeting at 9:30 am to get together and practice before the service. Youth group is having a spaghetti feed after the service so stick around! Hope to see you all there!

First, I’d like to say our performance on September 23rd was a success! I heard many compliments. Now to get ready for our next worship service. This will be on Sunday October 16th and will be our church’s first contemporary service! Now this also means we’d normally get only two practices in. But since this is such an important service, if needed, we will be throwing in a practice on Wednesday, October 12th.

Here are the YouTube links for the songs we are singing.

Blessed Be Your Name:

In Christ Alone:

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever:

Shout to the North:

Thanks for checking in! Hope to see you Sunday at 7 pm!




First Performance!!!!

Sunday, September 25th, we are playing in church at 10:30 AM! Be there at 9:45 so we can practice and do sound checks. We are doing Above All as a Call to Worship, Mighty to Save between readings, and Beautiful One during Offering! Hope you can make it!

Practice on Sunday at 7 PM

For all of you from the praise band, Sunday we practice! WOOT WOOT. At 7 PM, we will begin our music ministry. We will breaking a lot of the music down so prepare for a little longer than an hour practice. Youth group will be right before praise band so we also might start a little late as well depending on when youth group gets over. Hope to see you Sunday! -Paul

No Practice Tuesday!

Sorry we will not be practicing Tuesday, September 6th. That night Lutheran High’s pep band will be playing the same time we were gonna have practice. This means Mr. Jurchen, Cameron and I can’t go. Which means we’d be missing almost all the instruments. So our next practice will be Sunday, September 11 at 7 pm. Hope to see you there


Songs for September 25th

It’s that time of year again! Time for praise band to start! Now I know praise band usually starts at 7 PM practicewise but that night Lutheran High Northeast’s softball team is playing and the pep band will be playing. This means that Mr. Jurchen and I (Paul) can’t do it at that time. Therefore, Tuesday the 30th we will be practicing at 6 PM. I will be calling around in case anyone doesn’t read this. We already have a date for our first service which is Sunday, September25th. Now just so you can get a look at what we are playing I’m posting what songs we are playing and will have a YouTube link next to them.

Above All-

Mighty to Save-

Beautiful One-

There you go! We might possibly do a more choral piece or do something different. But hope to see you next Tuesday! Adios






Another Change of Plan

So you remember how I said we’d start practice the 21st? And then the 28th? Well, scratch that off your calendar. The 28th is Lutheran High Northeast’s Beef Blast which puts us in a little of a predicament. Since I can’t wait to start any later we are going to start practice Tuesday the 30th at 7 O’Clock PM. We could always use some more singers and guitarists, bassists, drummers, and keyboardists so come on in!

Change of Plan

Hey! Remember how I said we would start August 21st? Well, apparently there’s a church outing going on that day. We are going to an Omaha Stormchasers (formerly Royals) baseball game. The cost is $7 a ticket and you need to let the office know by August 15th. I (Paul) have been to a Stormchasers game this year already and  it was a total blast. Now what does this mean for praise band? Well, we will start the following Sunday, August 28th. I know most of the praise band members have already signed up so anyone else wanting to go will almost certainly have a great time!

Happy New Year!

             We will be starting a new year for the praise band! Sunday, August 21st will be the first day for practice. I have many plans in store for this year, one of those being to get a contemporary worship one Thursday every month. This service would be what we practice for every week.

One other thing I have in mind is to possibly change the day of the week we practice. Sundays are usually for church and then relaxing. With me getting a job I will work mainly weekends. I was thinking of changing the day to either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s. This would allow us to have open weekends and more of a break. I’m hoping once I tell other band members about this website it will be a lot easier for people in the band to know what’s going on and can make decisions faster. This site will also be used to help people know if we are having practice or not and if there’s bad weather if there is church or not.

Also, we now have a YouTube account! The poll thing was n’t exactly working out for me so I decided to make one anyways. Ha. Sorry. This will allow us to post all the songs we perform in worship and to get the news out that Mt. Olive does IN FACT have a praise band. All in all, I am very excited about this year’s praise band. We have some very talented people with a passion for music and Jesus. I’ll be posting once a week hopefully. Once I get the news out about this site…haha. Adios

PS. Just in case anyone does check this blog, here’s a poll for which day of the week we should have practice.